The islet Kramkistan with its fantasy figure.

– the old man of Kramkistan

Through the millennia the Bohus granite has been polished by ice and ocean waves. It has been weathered by frost and chemical processes. The result we can see today on Stångehuvud where the rounded shapes of granite are interrupted by sharp crevices and cracks.

Here and there in the granite one can with a bit of imagination see exciting patterns and figures. Such a fantasy figure is the "old man" of granite resting on the eastern side of the small islet Kramkistan. You see the figure clearly when walking past Kramkistesund. 

A closer inspection of the granite reveals  the big and bald head of "Kramkistegubben" towards the north (to the right). The old man has a grim face and is resting with his head to the left. He holds the arms close together near the neck. The legs are also close together and the big wide knees stick up next to each other. One foot dips almost into the water. 

It is exciting to let your eyes sweep over the many fantasy stimulating granite patterns in Stångehuvud ...


"Kramkistegubben" rests near the shoreline on the eastern side of the islet.